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Lights out for Friday Night

It is nice having the summers off for many reasons, but the 2 main reasons I love this perk of being an educator is: 1) I get to sleep in, and 2) I get to catch up on a lot of TV. A LOT.  What is even nicer about this summer in particular is, thanks to being done with grad school and Netflix instant, I have even been able to catch up on programming I missed several years ago.  For instance, I finally finished the 4th season of The Tudors (I mean I just really wasn’t sure how that one was going to end), I watched 3 seasons of 24 in a row…that was a pretty intense week, and this week I started watching Friday Night Lights.

This is a show that people have been telling me to watch for years because I love football, and well, obviously I love TV. So I added it to my instant queue, and when it started playing on Sunday afternoon, I was hooked.  I literally stayed up through the night watching the first season, and didn’t realize it was 6am until I heard my step dad leaving for work.  So I collapsed into bed with my laptop snuggled right next to me, slept for 5 hours, and then woke up to immediately start season 2.

Coincidentally, I have started this love affair with Friday Night Lights  the week before the series finale, and I am heartbroken.  This show is one of the most well written programs set in a high school that I have seen in a long, long, long time (and I am not showing any form of nepotism here just because it was adapted for TV by Peter Berg…no relation…that I know of), it is just that damn good.

The show, although critically acclaimed and just plain awesome, never really gained a large viewing audience, and I don’t’ know why.  It has everything the target demographic could ask for; great story lines, multi-faceted characters, drama, comedy, romance, sex, drugs, partying, fighting, small town politics, football (obviously) and to put the cherry on top, it has Tim Riggins.

Seriously.  This alone is enough to draw in the female viewer.  Tim Riggins is the bad boy screw up with a vulnerable side that plays like an animal on the field…and well off the field as well, if you know what I mean.  He does all the wrong things for the right reasons, and you can’t help but fall in love with him, his jeans and his cowboy boots.

Though, sadly Tim wasn’t enough to keep the show on the air, and the series is coming to a close.  BUT! Thanks to modern technology and the interwebs and what not, every drinking binge, fist fight, touchdown, and tear jerking inspirational moment can be enjoyed over and over again.  So if you are already a fan, enjoy the series finale (as I will if I can finish the rest of seasons 4 and 5 before tomorrow night), and if you aren’t yet a fan, you will be because, “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.”

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