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Bitch Slap of the Week


I must admit, the Real Housewives of New York is a guilty pleasure of mine, but tonight’s episode gave me that feeling I get after eating an entire pan of brownies…I wanted to vomit.  These women are crass enough roaming the concrete streets of NYC, but at least they are confined to the minimal square millage of Manhattan.  So whose idea was it to let them loose in Morocco? 

These women, who see themselves as “classy” ladies, probably should have brushed up on Countess Luann’s book before boarding the plane, because they were just awful, especially crazy eyed pinot loving Ramona, and Sonya “I forget to wear pants” Morgan.  You don’t have to be well traveled to know how to behave in a country with a different culture, and hell, you don’t have to be well traveled to simply know how act like a decent human being.

To give you a brief rundown: Ramona e-mailed her personal rider ahead to make sure she had someone to help her unpack.  On the trip from the airport, she was shocked that the country defiled her precious line of vision with signs of poverty, and dust.  Sony freaked out that someone was going to steal her luggage from the van in the parking lot of their villa, and forced a guy to stand guard over her hats.  Both women were hammered drunk, and dressed like high class hookers in a relatively conservative country. Cindy freaked out about some hangers…seriously (Andy did a hanger word count on Watch What Happens Live, and in a 2 minute conversation the word hangers was said 33 times), and this was just episode one.  We all know Kelly has the tendency to go off the deep end on vacations (we already saw her eating a bag of jelly beans…an ominous omen if you ask me), and from the previews for the upcoming episodes, it looks like shit hits the fan, but with these socialite frenemies, when does it not? 

Listen, ladies( and I use that term VERY loosely) I get that the show’s success is fueled by your inane cattiness, but taking your social ignorance abroad, and offending every Moroccan you encounter is beyond forgivable.  Not to mention, you offended Americans as well, because we have to claim you as citizens, and let you back in the damn country.  So, Real Housewives of New York, as payment for your re-entrance, you are here by BITCH SLAPPED.   

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